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Monolog LIAR vol.07: POO POO POO

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LIAR vol.07: (“POO POO POO”)
by Tamara Pertamina

This event is in Indonesian with English surtitle

Saturday, 25 February 2017, 8pm
at Kedai Kebun Forum
Jl. Tirtodipuran no.3 Yogyakarta

Ticket IDR 15K
Reservation forumkedaikebun@gmail.com / 085725809139

Tamara Pertamina, a human being blessed with tonnes of love but is never loved. Born in Tasikmalaya 1989, three years after monetary crisis in Indonesia, thus, poverty is one of Tamara’s interest.
Love, a never-ending suffering… In Tamara’s journey to find love, she is no longer interested in poverty issue, because she discovered that she has possesed wealth all these while.. What is her wealth, then?

About Tamara Pertamina
Tamara’s interest is in poverty issue. This self-taught artist started her arts journey in 2013. Most of her works speaks through bodies.

About Liar:

Long time ago, we thought, everyone can act, because we lie all the time. However, we came to realisation, that a man doesn’t need to act in order to present a great performance. All you need is sincerity
Thus, this initiative is here.

liar, can be read in English as someone who lies, or can be read in Indonesian as wild and not following any rules. We offer you the freedom to interpret this word.

liar, is an initiative to present routine performances every three months, where we invite people to tell and listen to stories in their position as a true human being.

When a person is being put in front of public to tell his story, he will be in such an uncertain position. The storyteller wouldn’t know how will the public respond to him. On the other hand, when audience sit to watch someone telling his story, the audience is in such uncertainty where they do not know how will the story turn out. However, most of the time, we choose to numb this state of unknowing in us and kill our emotion.

The most common case is that the storyteller will then over-act, trying to create a persona on stage to run away from this uncertainty, while the audience will cover up their fragile state by coming to the performance with a whole load of expectation and prediction, and when the performance doesn’t deliver their expectation, they feel betrayed.

Every creation process is a form of uncertainty. We never know if this process will actually produce something, but we stay on track and execute this process. Because we believe, if we succeed, we succeed with pride, and even if we fail, we fail gloriously.

Why do we have to hide behind all these lies, when uncertainty is something, which presence is of utmost importance in our lives? Human-to-human connection has always been started with uncertainty. When we give in to uncertainty, it will present us with an opportunity to trust, in return.
liar invites all of us to give in to the uncertainty and grasp the chance to trust.

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