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Wimo Ambala Bayang: Senerek is My Favorite

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Red Beans soup is a fairly recent menu served at Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF). If other menu are exist relatively as long as KKF ages (20 years in this 2017), Red Beans Soup, arrived just two years ago. As mention in the name, this soup made of red beans cooked with beef and various of spices. Once of its presence, this daily soup was immediately become the favorite of many people, because it is fresh, tasty and nutritious.

Wimo Ambala Bayang, Jogja artists working with the medium of photography, is a fan of Red Bean Soup KKF. Can be ascertained at any time, either noon, afternoon, or evening, if at KKF, Wimo will ask for Red Beans Soup. I do not know why he was a fanatic. I also have never questioned him hehehe. But I suspect, of course, first, because our Red Beans Soup is very tasty, the second, Wimo’s origin city is Magelang. Magelang, is a cool small town, located about 45 km north of Yogyakarta. Culinary famous of this city is Senerek. Senerek is a clear soup made of red beans too. So I suspect, KKF Red Beans Soup remind Wimo to his hometown.

Did you know that Red Beans Soup is also a typical dish of Manado, Minahasa, North Sulawesi? In Manado, Red Beans Soup is called Brenebon, derived from Dutch: Bruine (brown) and Bonen (beans). There we can find Brenebon cooked with pork or beef. Hmmmmm …yummiiee  .. (Yustina Neni)

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