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Enin Supriyanto: I Eat these 3


Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF) existed since 1997. People know this place for two reasons, because of the restaurant and the art space that is active with a variety of art activities of youth. Besides a strategic location, which is located in the city and adjacent to the spaces of contemporary art are active in Yogya. Therefore, many arts and cultural activists using KKF as a place to meet with their colleagues. One of KKF restaurant loyal customers is Enin Supriyanto, an art curator from Jakarta. Enin can hang out for hours to just chatting with friends or work. His favorite dishes are Avocado Black Bean Salad, Boiled Noodle, and Tempe Goreng (Fried Soya Bean). Certainly one of the three menu will be asked or if a day, all three were definitely in the order. “Light and relax”, when I ask why here and choose that. (Yustina Neni)

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