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September Something Visual Art Project

THE SEPTEMBER SOMETHING PROJECT SEEING TRAGEDY FROM THE LIVING ROOM (Workshop, Visual Arts Exhibition, and Discussion) April – November 2005 Project Inisiator : Agung Kurniawan Project Officer      : Agung Kurniawan Project Manager : Ratna Mufida BACKGROUND The visual arts project is to see the issue of the “mass-killing/trauma of 1965 …

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“Jogja Bergerak” (Jogja on Moves) Project

1 Km Radius: Jogja on Moves! Picturing City from the shorter distance Open application without limitation of ages and occupation   Photo Exhibition, Documentary Video, Short Film, and Workshop 28 November 2004 – 27 March 2005   Project Initiator                   : Yustina W. Neni Project Officer                     : …

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Neo Indies Project; KKF; September – October 2004

Opening Up the Suitcase of Indies Culture “FROM ANYER TO PANARUKAN TO SABANG TO MERAUKE” Seeing Ourselves through Cultural Products: Visual Art, Short Story and Film Visual Art Exhibition: “Apa Kabar Meneer?” (How Are You Sir?) 23 September 2004 – 18 October 2004 Film Show: De Stille Kracht 6 – …

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Gondomanan Art Project Exhibition

GONDOMANAN ART PROJECT 8 June to 10 November 2006   Project Initiator : Yustina W. Neni Project Officer : Yustina W. Neni Project Manager : Ratna Mufida Focus Area : Gondomanan Studio & Exhibition : Kedai Kebun Forum   8 June –  7 Juli 2006 Mapping by Kunci Cultural Studies …

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