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Suasana Bedah Buku

The talk of the town book Sejarah Estetika by Martin Suryajaya, was well received. The review was attended by prominent academics, artists, art activists, writers, and students. Even Joned Suryatmoko, a theater practitioner and society educator, and Anom Sugiswoto, a stage photographer and Shaggydog band  road manager, showed among the crowd. KKF as the host of book review, that evening, Monday, September 19, 2016, was set up 70 seats in the hall where the book discussion taking place, which located at the second floor of Kedai Kebun restaurant. Beyond expectation, the attendees was over the capacity but it doesn’t necessarily reduce the enthusiasm. Participants who didn’t get any seat are willing to stand, sit in the restaurant next to the hall while having dinner, even sitting on the floor.

Above of all, in the middle of limitations, this book review was satisfactory fulfilled them who hunger for beauty.

Contributor: Yumaya Mija
Photographer: Anom/doc.KKF

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