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Theodora Agni: If Confused, Can Custom, Cool!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017 at about 15:30.
Rain since the morning make Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF) looks gloomy. Since 11.00 only two tables occupied by western guests who work silent with their laptop.  We’re all sleepy. I hope a friend coming with a story. Holly molly the universe heard! Agni come !! She brought the fresh atmosphere back. Agni so come straight to the cashier and asked for a menu. It did not take long to choose, she ordered Nasi Ayam (chicken rice) for her late lunch. I love Agni, she always cheerful, when she feel sad her feelings quickly brightened. Theodora Agni, an energetic young lady who works as the artist residency program manager at Cemeti Art House. Last year, she was invited to Taiwan to share her experience on managing artist residency program of her institution. Agni is also active in the art space management workers forum.

“Actually hungry already since before, but we at home are confused about what to eat, all at no ideas, continue not eating. I decide to eat here, if confuse I can ask a custom, that is so cool”, she said as she solidify her position. “I ask garlic sambal (garlic chilli sauce), garlic sambal of here is tasty”, she add. Yes … the original chilli sauce companion of KKF chicken rice is Sambal Terasi but some customers often asked for any sambal as them wish.
Ask for chilli sauce custom is an ordinary custom types for us. Next time I will share some extraordinary custom dishes of our customers.

Speaking about “sambal” (chili sauce) which is rising appetite and add greatfullness feeling in eating for Indonesian. There are many kinds of chilli sauce in Indonesia and every area has a distinctive respectively. Chilli sauce in Padang, West Sumatera different with chili sauce in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Sambal terasi of Yogya different with sambal petis from East Java, though Terasi and Petis are both made from shrimp. Bali chilli sauce different with chilli sauce of Sunda. And many more. Now many are sold some ready to eat chilli sauce more personalized in supermarket in Indonesia, with personal branded for example: Sambal Bu Rudi (Mrs. Rudi Chilli Sauce) from Surabaya, East Java. Mrs. Rudi chilli sauce is famous and has even become a kind of souvenirs typical of Surabaya. Sambal also not eaten haphazardly. Certain Sambal is suitable for certain foods anyway.

About chilli sauce in KKF. Luckily if KKF kecombrang plants are flowering, ascertained that day there will be Sambal Kecombrang … nom nom nom nom .. wipe the sweat on our forehead  sooooo delicious

A plate of KKF Nasi Ayam (chicken rice) contents rice, fried chicken, fried soybean topped with chopped onions saute in butter, sambal terasi (shrimp paste chilli sauce), and fresh vegetables. (Yustina Neni)

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