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Tempeh and Grace = Tempeh Grace

This time I want to introduce my friend, Grace Samboh. Grace, whose name is important in the restaurant Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF). How come? Yes, because her name is a special code to get Fried Tempeh shaped devastated but tastes good and crispy. “Tempe Grace” call it so when you ask to order then you will get a fried tempeh ala Grace. This title is not in the menu book. If you just mention fried tempeh what you will get are 5 pieces of chic, natty shape of fried tempeh with garlic flavor.

Here is the story:
Like other art workers, Grace eats at KKF while working or meets with her colleagues. She eats meatball soup oftenly with special request without chicken but ask for more meatball. Sometimes Grace who doesn’t really like to eat rice ask for fried rice without shrimp and chicken but change it with meatballs. Such a weird for who doesn’t like rice but ask for fried rice … hehe.. But certainly she always orders fried tempeh.

One day I arrived at KKF when there were already some people. I ordered fried tempeh. Then all at once said in a commanding voice: “Do what it is! Do not pick that one! Just like this! ”
I was confused, because in the table behind only a thin piece of tempeh was not symmetrical with soya bean unravel and appears crumbs fried garlic on a plate.
“What is that ?!”, I was very curious, because the appearance on the plate it may not come from the usual fried tempeh.
“Ok, ok, fine, I ask for fried tempeh as they ate earlier”.

Shortly fried tempeh “like that” it is present. I laughed, smirked and shouted: “What is this ?! Crushed fried tempe and the crushed! “…
Everyone at the table laughed and said: “Try, try, let’s eat! Eat the crushed”.
I took a piece and a pinch of crushed and put into my mouth and chewed. They all watched that scene and I really feel like a guinea pig in a guard attached as it is in the process of transformation.
“YUMMMMYYY….”, I immediately praises. Tempeh ala Grace is derived from tempeh is sliced very thin with condiments such as fried tempeh usual which is only garlic and salt. The difference is, when it fried the herbs and the scattered soy also included into the frying pan.

Tempe Grace eventually be an alternative taste of fried tempeh for those who choose to enjoy the taste is more important than form. Do not forget to call “grace” … yaaa …

Grace Samboh is Indonesian, a researcher and a visual art curator. We along with two others, namely Enin Supriyanto (curator) and Ratna Mufida (independent organizer) are a team work in Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation’s program, The Equator Symposium. She has several times initiated visual art projects at Kedai Kebun Forum. Grace is currently working on a project of Asian art in Japan in cooperation with the Japan Foundation. (Yustina Neni)

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