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“Sebelum Gendang” A Solo Exhibition by Julian Abraham “Togar”

“Sebelum Gendang”

A Solo Exhibition by Julian Abraham “Togar”


Like other hit instruments, drums need energy (or force in physics) to sound. Pressure on the drum membrane produces a vibration that propagates, causes the air to vibrate, the ear catches its vibration, the brain translates it as a drum sound. These steps simultaneously explain the presence of mechanical processes and psychological processes in hearing work.

Togar is an artist who is fond of physical sounds. “Sebelum Gendang” presents Togar’s experiments on the sound of the body using other elements, such as water, smoke, and light. These materials are also a medium for him to observe the visible aspects of sound. To present the body of the sound, “Sebelum Gendang” wants to underline the conditions in which the sound is on the way to the ear.

About Julian Abraham “Togar”

Julian Abraham ‘Togar’ is an artist with special attention to repetition, interconnection, connectedness, and continuity in the prevailing system of social life. Words such as generative, manipulating, dematerialization are often used to identify his work.

A Solo Exhibition “Sebelum Gendang” by Julian Abraham “Togar”

Opening : Saturday, 28 October, 2017, 7.00 pm
in Gallery, Kedai Kebun Forum

The exhibition lasts until 18 October, 2017

Open for public and free of charge
every day at 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
(KKF is closed every Tuesday)

More info please contact Uniph 0857-2580-9139

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