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Reading Room of Buku Andalan

Photo courtesy of Kedai Kebun Forum

Buku Andalan is a literacy event where the products are presented in the form of books and its derivative products such as art book, comic, archive, merchandise, and so forth. Involving several literary communities in Yogyakarta such as Barasub, Forum Komik Jogja, Impian Studio, Indie Book Corner, IVAA (Indonesian Visual Art Archive), Kunci Cultural Studies, Milisi Press, Yellowteeth, and also NGOs.

This breakthrough agenda initiated by Yustina Neni, director of Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF), Athonk Raharjo, a tattoo artist, and curated by M. Hadid, comic activist and editor of KomiKultur, as an effort to expand the discourse space and interaction.

The reading room at the same time as exhibition space of Buku Andalan which take place in gallery of KKF, in addition to promoting the activity of the exchange as a means of dissemination of knowledge, transactional activity for nominal consciousness alone, is also expected the meeting and exchange of ideas. This space was created as a more intimate space, not only as a book stall, but also a variety of events such as book reviews, discussions, and workshops.

In this activity of literacy and books exchange, the gallery of KKF transformed into a mini library. Completed with tables, chairs also carpet for visitors who just want to see collection of books, reading, or light discuss about the books which being exhibited. Gallery walls are decorated with provocative visual of specialization in reading or visual representation of the communities who involved in this project. Official and bigger discussion who inviting writers and speakers held in the hall of KKF, which is located on the second floor, above the gallery space.

Buku Andalan held on September 8 to 24, 2016, with sub agenda such as comic launching, book review, Bulog (catalog exchange), public lecture, comic discussion, book discussion, also pop-up book workshop. This is the first volume and expected to be continuous to the next volumes. |Yumaya Mija|

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