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Toko Buku Andalan

Toko Buku Andalan

Is a bookstore that was set in the gallery Kedai Kebun and will sell books that can not be bought or difficult at regular bookstores. This is a pioneering project after considerable success with the pop up store KIOSKAOS. Now we try to see the book (with all variants or sub genre) as the media would try to be appointed. The phenomenon of “tiban” / pop up, it will probably be the KKF trend forward to freshen up after decades of struggling just as a gallery.

Indie book fair: Buku Andalan runs from 8 to 24 September 2016. The first time is curated by Mohammed Hadid, comic artists member of The Wingit Clan. Even so, every participant  select and curate their own books on display. The participants are IVAA, Indie Book Corner, Impian Studio, and The Wingit Clan also initiate programs such as book review, book discussions, workshops, pop-up , comics discussions, and lectures. These program are open for every one and free admission to join except pop up workshop. Welcome!(Yustina Neni)


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