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POP UP BOOK STORE: ANDALAN (Mainstay) 8 – 24 September 2016 at Gallery KKF

Rapat Buku Andalan di Galeri

Rapat Buku Andalan di Galeri

Kedai Kebun Forum Gallery is about 6 x 9 m2. Many and vary exhibitions has been held here. Not only artists from Yogyakarta, but also artists from outside Yogyakarta, also outside Indonesia. KKF does not always initiate the exhibition itself, often also collaborate and cooperate with other community or other organizations. On September 2016 KKF held an uncommon books exhibition that the idea emerged from a conversation between Athonk Raharjo, tattoo artists and Yustina Neni, KKF Director. Chat is then developed with more people, they are Mohammed Hadid, Irwan Bajang, Lisistrata Lusandiana, Sulistyowati, and Hafez Achda. This advanced chat delivered a title “Buku Andalan” (literarily, Mainstay Book). Andalan designate the quality, the content of the exhibition, how to show it off, how to distribute, and how to sell. Mainstay book took place on 8 to 24 September 2016. (Yustina Neni)


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