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Musik Bineka Bertanggung Jawab: To Raise Awareness of Methanol Poisoning Among Youth People

Photo by Yumaya Mija (Doc. KKF)

Last night, Saturday, April 29, 2017, a musical event was held at Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF). Featuring Chucky, WiroxSerigala and Sangkakala band. Not merely a musical performance, but there is an education in it. What does it mean by education is knowledge of the risks and serious effects of oplosan liquor (methanol poisoning). The action to consume oplosan liqour (methanol mixed liquor -red) has caused many victims, either permanent organ damage or physical disabilities such as blindness, to death.

The music show entitled Musik Bineka Bertanggung Jawab was initiated by MBB (Muda Berbuat Bertanggung Jawab) and Liam Charitable Fund. MBB is a forum that encourages young people to think forward, open, cultured and unite. This diversity forum is also a place for young people to peer network and exchange ideas. Based in Jakarta, this forum was founded by Rudolf Dethu, SID’s (Superman Is Dead) former band manager, which nowadays better known as a music activist.

“MBB is always concerned about the dynamics of young people. Young people are risky, full of the possibility of danger and failure. This is where MBB shows its role. Being a catalisator on how to be a different youngster, responsible, while upholding diversity “, explained Riezky “Kiki Pea” Andhika Pradana, the chairman of the event.

The show’s partner, Liam Charitable Fund, is an organization that focuses on educating the society to make changes and to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal booze. This nonprofit organization was founded by an Australian spouse, Tim Daviesu and Lhani Davies. The name of Liam it self was taken from the name of their son Liam Davies, who died from methanol poisoning.

Hendra “Blankon” Priyadhani, the vocalist of Sangkakala, who also perform that night, explained, “This kind of event is important because it will in turn awaken consciousness within each of us. Many of our close friends already become victims of oplosan liquor. Some even died. We can’t deny that everyone sometimes wants to run away from fatigue, have fun. The important now, how we are as grass-root community could still having fun without forgetting aspects of health and self-safety.”

Drinks alcohols with no excessive quantity will not causing a death but intoxicating and addictive. The cause of death is the mixture, whether it is methanol, other drugs or even substances that should not be consumed, such as pesticides and mosquito repellent. The illegal booze often using dangerous ingredients, which aims to enhance the effect.

In the end of the day the conclusion was, this event doesn’t meant to invites or encourages young people to consume alcohol; but how we act wisely and take responsibility of our body and ourselves. Hail #AntiOplosan. [Yumaya Mija]

Photo by Yumaya Mija (Doc. KKF)

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