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Martin Suryajaya Sejarah Estetika Book Review

Martin Suryajaya Dalam Bedah Bukunya Sejarah Estetika

Craving for a great book about aesthetic, Martin Suryajaya gave birth himself a bombastic one with 915 pages based on primary and secondary sources that gives a comprehensive overview for the curatorial art criticism and literary criticism. This book was produced by takes one year of research and two years of writing. Being a part of Buku Andalan series exhibition, book review Sejarah Estetika, took place in KKF on Monday, September 19, 2016, by presenting the author Martin Suryajaya, reviews by Stanislaus Yangni (Sius) and Wahmuji, and moderated by Arham Rahman. Questions, statements, and critical reviews of the book sprung from the audiences regarding to Martin’s wrote; such as why the discussion of aesthetics prehistoric placed in earlier chapter of the book, the position of curatorial criticism, also a clarification of the modern bias that tends to kitsch.

Apart from the positive appreciations from the public and sharp critics by Sius, Sejarah Estetika by Martin Suryajaya deserve a standing applaus. Congratulations!

Contributor: Yumaya Mija
Photographer: Anom/doc.KKF

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