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LUNANG and Grilled Tempe ala Iwan Effendi

March 12, 2017 Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF) received a guest, a little man named Lunang Pramusesa (2 years old). Lunang is the son of Iwan Effendi and Ria (Maria Tri Sulistyani), artists couple driving The Papermoon Puppet Theatre that is based in Yogyakarta. This time Lunang come along only with his father. From Iwan’s Instagram account, I knew that today is the day 3 for Lunang “detached” from his mother, who is working in Australia for 3 weeks. That kind of separate living is also the first experience for this young family. Lunang since he was in his mother’s womb, afterward when still only 2 months, until the end of 2016 was always carried travel the world for work. This day was a really very special day for me, received a little man whose adroit and venturous that could answer aloud the question “where is your mother?” “BEN” was his answer for Melbourne.

Papermoon has worldwide. Papermoon last 2 years received invitations from various countries to do many things, ranging from workshops, performances, to fill a summer class at an American university.

Lunang have eaten anything so Iwan can freely choose the food. This day Iwan ordered one of his favorite menu, Grilled Tempe with fries. Iwan has a way ala himself when eating Grilled Tempe, he asked the tempe burger made into two. “I prefer this way because it crisp up the inside,” as the reason when I asked why.

Grilled Tempe either eaten with rice or fries is one of the very hits KKF menu. Anyone, Indonesian and foreigners, from any country, like this menu. Because tempeh in Tempe Grilled formed into a sort of burger, some customers call it Burger Tempeh. There is also a mention Steak Tempe for a similar steak presentation, with pieces of sauteed carrot, beans, and tomato. We just know what they mean. There are even mention the ordinal number in the menu book, the number is M4. But if they call number, we ourselves are often forgotten. People who often call numbers is the Japanese.

I created this menu in early 1999 when I feel comfortable with my decision will be much more to explore local culinary, especially side dishes.

Indonesian people, especially those living in the central and western parts of Indonesia, eating rice with side dishes. Side dishes can mean anything, to concoct vegetables, eggs, fish, meat, tofu, or tempeh, etc. The more prosperous a family, kind of side dish to eat with rice will be more diverse, even a combination of all that I mentioned earlier. Tempeh is one of the favorite local food as a side dish. Especially white soy tempeh because it’s cheap and can be processed into dozens of different types of dishes.

On the menu book I wrote for number M4 thus: “Amazing invention, a total aesthetic work of exploring tempe”. Have you tried it?

Anyway, there’s something unusual with the photo of Lunang and Iwan. If mommy was there, Lunang certainly eat by himself. In the photo daddy feed him. Aaahh .. maybe because that just the day 3, so daddy must be forgot or daddy was less patient. (Yustina Neni)

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