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Kurniawan Pujianto: Computer Doctor & Coffee Brothers

This my friend is very special. My amazement at him never stops. Kurniawan Pujianto is the first person I always contact when I have a problem with the computer. All problems are done with his presence. Beside that, Wawan, as he used to be called, also the developer of Kedai Kebun website. I like and admire him for his humble nature. Although I do not understand on computer matters he never patronize or dictate. When developing Kedai Kebun website, he listened to my wishes to the end and did not interrupt at all. Then in the process he will invite me involved. We discussed and he gave new ideas, compared with my ideas, and showed weaknesses and advantages over all ideas. Next I am welcome to choose which one best suits with my wishes and current conditions. I really like that method. For his expertise I call him a Computer Doctor.

In every meeting with him, whether while working on computer problems or in other situations, there is one other thing that we always discuss, the COFFEE. Wawan is very enthusiastic when talking about coffee. I drink coffee but I’m not an expert in coffee so I ask more often. One day I stopped at the busy Jogja Biennale office that is preparing for the event in the next November 2017. Wawan is also there to work on Biennale Jogja website. Coffee is of course served in the office and then we talked about Kopi Bersaudara (literarily: Coffee Brothers) concocted by Wawan. This our friend is so amazing! This computer expert is also a coffee maker! He just open a coffee shop with the same name, Warung Kopi Bersaudara (warung = cafe) located in Ngipik, Baturetno, Banguntapan, Bantul. Lets join in the coffee brotherhood there! (Yustina Neni)

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