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“I Wish to Have This Conversation with You” A Solo Exhibition by I Made Agus Darmika “Solar”, Curated by Sita Magfira


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A Solo Exhibition by I Made Agus Darmika “Solar”

Curator : Sita Magfira



Jajan sarad, Balinese snacks that are often present as one of the offerings in various ceremonies, become the starting point and the medium of Solar’s artwork for this time. The process of making ‘jajan sarad’ always involves the collective work of mothers and teenagers. Just like many things are done together, conversation becomes an integral part of the process of making ‘jajan sarad’. People can talk about anything while processing the rice flour: from personal stories to values in Balinese culture. There, teens also learn a lot about life from mothers. Having a mother who in her old age worked as a ‘jajan sarad’ maker, Solar imagined what he might get such as diligently talking with his mother when she was still alive.

This exhibition later became a ritual to build a conversation with himself. Rituals for conversing with what composes them: stories from home, cultural values, religious ceremonies, mother’s teachings, and so on. This return, he realized, was only present after his mother was gone. An attempt to re-examine what was scattered behind while continuing to walk forward. Solar’s choice to share his personal rituals, at some point, can be seen as his attempt to converse with other people. As well as succession for others to build conversations with individual self.

About I Made Agus Darmika “Solar”

I Made Agus Darmika ‘Solar’ (Bali, 1991) graduated from a painting studio, ISI Yogyakarta. His works include paintings, ceramics and mixed media installations. Participating in various exhibitions since he was in college until now. In addition to developing his personal practice, Solar is incorporated in Whaton House, a collective initiation in the form of a private restaurant consisting of creative individuals with various artistic practices.

A Solo Exhibition “I Wish to Have This Conversation with You” by I Made Agus Darmika “Solar”

Opening : Friday, 31 May 2019, 7.30 pm
in Gallery, Kedai Kebun Forum

The exhibition lasts until 20 June, 2019

Open for public and free of charge
every day at 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
(KKF is closed every Tuesday)

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