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Exhibition of Artist Collective KLUB REMAJA : “OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS:Bertamasya”


Exhibition of An Artist Collective KLUB REMAJA


Formed in 2016, Klub Remaja, an artist collective with an art education background from Bandung, is ready for an excursion to Yogyakarta this March. Regarding the busyness of each artist involved in the exhibition this time, Klub Remaja raised a topic that was quite interesting namely “bertamasya (excursion)”.

‘Open Call for artists: Bertamasya’ is the title chosen by Klub Remaja to exhibit at Kedai Kebun Forum from March 9 to 29. Previously, in 2017 at Kolekt, Bandung, the Youth Club had held an exhibition similar to the exhibition format that will be held in Yogyakarta. Like a sequel, ‘Open Call for artists: Bertamasya’ is a further projection of the work of Klub Remaja that has been exhibited on various occasions.

In this first event in Yogyakarta, the Youth Club wants to introduce themselves as a collective that concentrates that discussion and exchange of ideas is also a work.

Participating Artists : Agung Eko Sutrisno, A. Triawan, A. Y. Sekar F., Igi Anjangbiani, Luthfi Zulkifli, Mohammad Heikal, dan Radityo Luthfi Fadhil

Exhibition of Artist Collective KLUB REMAJA: “OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS: Bertamasya”

Opening : Saturday, 9 March 2019, 7.00 pm
in Gallery KKF

The exhibition will be last until 29 March 2019

Open for public and free
Everyday 11.00 am – 9.00 pm
(KKF close on Tuesday)

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