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Dialita, Lotus in the Mud

Photo courtesy of Kedai Kebun Forum

Bitter experience does not always resulting downturn. At least it’s reflected in these women. They called themselves Dialita, stands for Di Atas Lima Puluh Tahun (above fifty years), the age of most of its members. A female choir who’s the members are victims, families, or relatives of the tragedy of 1965. The events are born by the pressure of the regime who accuse them of engaging with the communist movement without trial and settlement of the government, even after the regime was toppled.

Dialita’s songs are forbidden, reflecting the political events of 1965. The songs was created silently then forced to be silence. Written by political prisoners within the walls of prisons, concentration camps, or exile islands. Just like a history book, Dialita storytelling through songs about what was happening in this country at that time from being oblivion.

In the beginning, Dialita was a part of “Keluarga Dalam Sejarah 1965“, the survivors of the 1965 tragedy. Starting from gather and share experiences and strengthen each other, the choir was born. Collectively formed in 2011, two members of Dialita are former political prisoner tragedy of 1965.

Dialita debut album was recently launched. On October 1, 2016, at the campus of Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta, under the Soekarno banyan tree and drizzle. The album titled The World Belongs to Us (Dunia Milik Kita). Consisting of 10 songs and involving a number of musicians such Frau, Nadya Hatta, Lintang Radittya, Cholil Mahmud, Sisir Tanah, Prihatmoko Catur, and Kroncongan Agawe Santosa. Produced by Agung Kurniawan, an artist and artistic director of Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF), and Wok the Rock, a curator and member of MES56 collective artist, the album were expected to be a monument, an inscription, and a reminder of the truth of past history.

Although they are no longer young, but the spirit of Dialita still smoldering. This can be seen when they performed at the Biennale Jogja, last November 2015, and recently at the album launch rehearsal session on September 29 and 30, 2016 in KKF. The spirit who also feeds their simple dream to collect scattered pieces of history, stringing, and show the world into sings. |Yumaya Mija|

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