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“Dalam Tiga Babak” A Solo Exhibition by Alfin Agnuba

“Dalam Tiga Babak”

A Solo Exhibition by Alfin Agnuba

Curator : LIR


Dalam Tiga Babak departs from three stories that are close to Alfin Agnuba: family stories at the end of the New Order regime, changes in modes of transportation in the area when the regime began, and Alfin’s anxiety as a young artist for one of the important movements in the history of art fronted by artists who were of the same age at this time. These stories were presented in three performance stages while Alfin printed his graphic work directly on the opening night. His personal closeness to these stories made him choose three domestic approaches in the print process experiment: ‘ironing’, ‘washing’, and ‘cooking’. In the first round, he did hot print with silver paper and arranged one by one the story of his father’s encounter with an activist who first made him fall in love with the paper medium. In the second half, his suspicions of the stop of the operation of Winongo station were redrawn in the SDSB system, a form of gambling that was legalized by a country under the social ministry in the New Order era. In the third round, Alfin transferred the screen printing medium from paper to dumplings to present basic ideas, mindset, five new art movements, and edible quotes so that visitors had instant knowledge of GSRBI ideas. During the exhibition, three rounds of performance and stories can be seen through companion videos for experimental graphic works. History and personal anxiety presented in three rounds.

Dalam Tiga Babak is the second part of the “Curated by LIR” exhibition series in collaboration with KKF. “Curated by LIR” is an exhibition series curated by LIR (Mira Asriningtyas & Dito Yuwono). In this series there are three solo exhibits from: Kurniadi Widodo, Alfin Agnuba, and Dimaz Maulana in September, October and November 2018.

About Alfin Agnuba

Alfin Agnuba graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) – Yogyakarta. In addition to being active as artists, Alfin is also part of the artists collective, Grafis Minggiran. As a graphic artist, Alfin found a combination of conventional and unconventional graphic art techniques as an interesting thing. Alfin found each process to be therapeutic, breaking part by part to achieve a satisfying alignment; while each process must pay attention to details. For Alfin, the final presentation was not about artwork that had been framed or mounted on the wall, but about understanding each process and the story behind the making of the artwork.

A Solo Exhibition “Dalam Tiga Babak” by Alfin Agnuba

Opening : Sunday, 21 October 2018, 7 pm
in Gallery, Kedai Kebun Forum

Opening act by Muhammad Abe

The exhibition lasts until 9 November, 2018

Open for public and free of charge
every day at 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
(KKF is closed every Tuesday)

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