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“Cebolang Minggat” A Solo Exhibition by Enkankomr

“Cebolang Minggat”

A Solo Exhibition by Enkankomr


Enkankomr, or familiarly called Enka, since October 5, 2017 exploring the figure of Cebolang as a figure of interest in the novel Serat Centhini, in the gallery room Kedai Kedai Forum. Displacement studio which before was in his room in the boarding house could made Enka to meet with some artists who then enrich his knowledge about Cebolang and Serat Centhini. The translation of Cebolang into the visual language illustration has been done by Enka in a period that can be fairly short.

Cebolang’s dashing off from embarrassment and despair over his beautiful and handsome face that actually gives him an increasingly male experience of male sexuality with women and men with men. The story goes against the Javanese view of sexuality as taboo and unnecessary. Sexuality in this Cebolang odyssey is exposed explicitly. A wise spiritual discourse mixes together with the story of eroticism. In this exhibition, Cebolang’s wandering story is translated by Enka in poster-sized paper with the color of black and white.

About Enkankomr

ENKANKOMR or familiarly called Enka. The name “nkomr” is taken from his mother’s name, Komariah, as well as tagging his murals since 2010. Enka was born in Klaten, Central Java. Enka’s activities in art are murals, silkscreen printmaking, and dominant work on illustrations. Once he was awarded Dies Natalis Graphic Arts in 2013 at ISI YK. Enka follows several collective art, including Barasub (comic), Gegerboyo (mural), and Beresyit (illustration).

A Solo Exhibition “Cebolang Minggat” by Enkankomr

Opening & Closing: Sunday, 22 October, 2017, 7.00 pm
in Gallery, Kedai Kebun Forum

Open for public and free of charge

More info please contact Uniph 0857-2580-9139

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