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“Cebolang Minggat” A Solo Exhibition by Enkankomr

“Cebolang Minggat” A Solo Exhibition by Enkankomr Foreword Enkankomr, or familiarly called Enka, since October 5, 2017 exploring the figure of Cebolang as a figure of interest in the novel Serat Centhini, in the gallery room Kedai Kedai Forum. Displacement studio which before was in his room in the boarding …

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“Millennial Dopamine” A Solo Exhibition by Tempa Studio

“Millenial Dopamine” A Solo Exhibition by Tempa Studio Foreword The interest of duo Tempa, Putud and Rara, to the topic of identity and space makes their works lead to matters involving the millennial generation. Millennial generation is a generation born in the early 90s and grew up in the 2000s. Tempa …

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“Gombal” A Solo Exhibition by Arwin Hidayat

“Gombal” A Solo Exhibition by Arwin Hidayat Foreword by Agung Kurniawan, Artistic Director of KKF Inevitably, batik have got a very important place in the life of Java. Batik fabric is not only the economic value but also has a symbolic value that is very rich. As well as other …

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A Solo Exhibition of Drawings by Oik Wasfuk

pameran oik wasfuk

A Solo Exhibition of Drawings by Oik Wasfuk Foreword Catur Nur Novianto a.k.a. Oik Wasfuk (1981) is one of the prominent illustrators who has been a part of underground music scene of Yogyakarta for some time. He spends most of his days struggling with pen and papers while drowning himself …

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The Unsung Museum

The Unsung Museum Foreword The three major milestones that restricted the freedom of expression in Indonesian society were repealed once the Reformation Era began; the Anti-Subversion Law, the Law on Press Publications Business License (SIUPP) and the Ministry of Information. Even so, the use of euphemism to blur (not just …

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Too Poor for Pop Culture, Too Hungry for Contemporary

Kedai Kebun Forum Farid Stevy: TOO POOR FOR POP CULTURE TOO HUNGRY FOR CONTEMPORARY First became acquainted with the art is not in an art gallery space, but through a handshake with the client on the table negotiator for projects of graphic design and visual communications, making me accustomed to …

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