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A Theatrical Performance “The Reign of Lobsters: Under the Giant’s Heels”


a physical theatre performance
presenting Maisyarah Mazlan (Malaysia) and Rummana Yamanie (Jakarta)

26 November 2016, 8pm
Kedai Kebun Forum
ticket price 25k IDR for public, 20k IDR for students
The show will be performed in English with Indonesian surtitle

They say lobsters are immortal… well, only if the giants do not eat them.

Have you been in your weakest, where you were young, robust and full of potential, but those giants up there keep crushing you down, giving you no chance to grow into your fullest potential, making it impossible for you to even climb one more step towards where you want to be?

We all say, one day we will get there….. We really hope to get there, we really do. And we have tried our best to get there. So let us show you what we have and what we’ve done. We don’t want to be the giants up there; we just want to be ourselves there.
One day….. one day….

WIDE LANE is a by demand project which facilitates between 2-4 people in one event. We aim to facilitate ideas, potential, worries and concerns, to give the opportunity and space needed for those who feel the need to be facilitated.

For more details please visit http://projectwidelane.wordpress.com or email us at projectwidelane@gmail.com

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